Unforgettable Fall Road Trips

Take a relaxed 50-km drive through Northumberland’s rolling hills. Go apple picking or goat shmurgling. Try a favourite back road adventure. Explore the wealth of options in Northumberland County with this list of routes chosen for their brilliant fall colours.

Leaf It to Lang, Artfully Inspired, and More

Peterborough and the Kawarthas’ many driving tours combine great fall colours with plenty of places to stretch your legs or grab a bite from a local restauranteur.​ If the beautiful foliage puts you in an artistic frame of mind, try the new Artfully Inspired route, centred around some of the region’s top cultural attractions.

Lovely Lakesides

Enjoy a drive to the jewel of the Kawarthas, Fenelon Falls, and beyond as you explore the culturally rich Arts & Heritage Trail.

The Soundtrack to Your Travels

We’ve curated a fall driving playlist featuring local musicians and tracks with serious road trip vibes. Cue up these songs to create the perfect harmony between soundtrack and scenery.