Outdoor Inspiration

A artist's canvas sits in front of the forest landscape it represents; a bridge is partly visible

The beauty of Kawarthas Northumberland has always inspired artists, and the many studio tours throughout the region are proof. We spoke to three artists who draw directly from the local landscape to learn about their process—and picked up a few ideas for outdoor exploration in the bargain. Victoria County Studio Tour “It’s just a painter’s … Read more

Agritourism: Meet the Farmers Feeding Kawarthas Northumberland

A wooden barn in fall

Drive through Kawarthas Northumberland this fall, and you’re bound to see some quintessentially rural scenes—sunny cornfields, horses standing in the pasture, chickens pecking around the barn.  If you’ve ever been tempted to stop for a longer look, you’re in luck. The region is packed with agritourism experiences that can offer you farm-to-table cuisine, unique entertainment, … Read more

Soft Adventure: Outdoor Fun for All Skill Levels

A woman walks along a trail covered in autumn leaves

Kawarthas Northumberland is your fall destination for soft outdoor adventure. If you’ve never heard the term before, “soft adventure” is a pretty inclusive concept. It refers to the more accessible end of the activity spectrum—think day hikes, bicycle trails, and flatwater paddling, as opposed to whitewater rafting or mountain climbing. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie … Read more